Centurion Boys Basketball Takes it to Double O.T.

The St. John Paul II Boys Basketball Team was scheduled to play Woodsboro at home tonight, in a basketball game. Instead, the two teams were in a back-and-forth dogfight for the lead. It was a disloyal lead, which switched numerous times during the Friday-night contest.

It was a hard fought game, played by two well-prepared, tenacious B-ball squads. Fortunately/Unfortunately every game has to have a winner and a loser. Unfortunately for the Centurions, the home team came up short, losing to Woodsboro 89-94.

Here, the Centurion Boys send the game into a second overtime, a play which symbolized the pace of tonight's game and symbolizes the promising future of the STJPII Centurion Boys Basketball Team...

2nd OT vs Woodsboro from Centurion Pride on Vimeo.