Centurion Softball Leads With Experience

Last weekend, March 3-5, our Lady Centurions participated in the Sequin Softball Tournament. The tournament continues to consist of a very strong field of San Antonio and Austin area schools, 38 teams in total. The Lady Centurion Softball Team finished the tournament with two victories, four defeats, and a team-strengthening experience. The team has been steadily improving since the beginning of the season. Most noticeably, the defense has become increasingly consistent. "The senior class of 2016, Alyssa Garcia, Alexis Jaimes, Erika Diaz, Bryanna Quintanilla, and Laureen Cisneros have brought a sense of toughness to the team that is rubbing off on their younger teammates," said Coach Ray Heenan. "As a coaching staff and team, we feel like the strong competition has prepared us to compete for a district title."

Key performances at the Sequin Softball Tournament:

Alyssa Garcia: 8 for 18, scoring 5 runs
Erika Diaz: 9 for 19, scoring 5 runs
Bryanna Quintanilla: 9 for 16, scoring 2 runs with a 2-run home-run.
Alexis Jaimes: 5 for 18, scoring 4 runs
Gabby Lopez: 2 for 15 scoring 2 runs
Laureen Cisneros: 3 for 15
Krysten Cooper: 3 for 15