Centurion Swimmers Drop Times in Promising First Meet

The St John Paul II Swim Team traveled to the City of Alice Class Meet last week for their first meet of the swim-season. The Centurions picked-up right where they left-off last year, continuing to drop their race times. Coach Annette Duvall noting, "I am very proud of all the swimmers! Everyone did a great job!"

The biggest time drops from last year's best times were by Sara Lee Sang (18.00 and 16.91 seconds), Vivian Lyle (28.12 seconds) and Darienne Parris (22.90 seconds). The freshman swimmers swam in the first ever swim meet and completed every event they were entered. Everyone dropped seconds from last year's times in almost all their events. The final results are below:

Sarah Lee Sang

(15) W (10) 2:47.61Y Women 200 Free 13th place -18.00 seconds drop! 31.40Y Women 50 Free 17th place -2.90 seconds drop! 1:16.08Y Women 100 Free 15th place -1.46 seconds drop! 1:37.10Y Women 100 Breast 11th place -16.91 seconds drop

Nayeli Lopez

(14) W (09) 1:17.71Y Women 50 Free 35th place First swim meet!

3:12.15Y Women 100 Free 32nd place First swim meet!

Vivian Lyle

(16) W (11) 2:37.74Y F Women 200 Free 5th place -28.12 seconds drop! 31.62Y F Women 50 Free 11th place -4.40 seconds drop!

1:12.65Y F Women 100 Free 7th place -8.42 seconds drop!

1:37.20Y F Women 100 Breast 6th place First time event!

Annisa Maxwell

(15) W (10) 35.45Y F Women 50 Free 21st place -1.14 seconds drop!

1:49.20Y F Women 100 Fly 6th place First time event!
1:23.26Y F Women 100 Free 18th place -5.87 seconds drop!
1:36.58Y F Women 100 Back 15th place -3.05 seconds drop!

Darienne Parris

(16) W (11) 3:27.22Y F Women 200 IM 5th place First time event! 36.46Y F Women 50 Free 16th place Awesome job after asthma attack! 1:17.70Y F Women 100 Free 9th place -7.68 seconds drop! 1:42.32Y F Women 100 Breast 8th place -22.90 seconds drop!

Isabella Rutledge

(14) W (09) 42.71Y F Women 50 Free 28th place First swim meet! 1:41.28Y F Women 100 Free 23rd place First swim meet! 2:13.92Y F Women 100 Back 15th place First swim meet!

Victoria Verdin (14) W (09)

44.80Y F Women 50 Free 31st place First swim meet! 1:46.86Y F Women 100 Free 29th place First swim meet! 2:15.68Y F Women 100 Back 16th place First swim meet!

The remainder of the Centurion Swim Schedule can be seen here:

[Swimming Schedule](https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8qwfLn8vrE1bzdEcVJXNVZGMjg/view?usp=sharing)