Centurion Swimmers Outstanding at Regional Meet

The swimmers returned from the TAPPS Central Region Swim Meet in San Antonio and Coach Duvall is beaming with Centurion Pride! The biggest time drop for the meet was Veronica Cruz with a 6.15 second drop on her 50 Freestyle. Veronica also swam her first 100 freestyle in a meet and did an outstanding job with a 1:28.76! In addition, she swam her first 50 Breaststroke in the medley relay! Another large time drop was made by Maximilan Hanson with a 3.28 second drop from his best time this season and a career best time in the 200 Individual Medley where he placed 7th in Division 2. Katherine Garcia, Rachel Lee Sang and Darienne Parris also dropped time in their 50 Freestyle! Victor Barajas swam his second best time in the 100 Breaststroke. The girls relays with Katherine Garcia, Rachel Lee Sang, Darienne Parris and Veronica Cruz placed seventh in the 200 Medley Relay and fifth in the 200 Free Relay in Division 2! Now we have to wait and see if any of our swimmers will be called up to fill the top 16 in their Division for the State meet.

"I am very proud of our swimmers!", Coach Duvall stated. Coach Duvall's hard work ethic is leading the way of her swimmers, who continue to show rewards for their efforts.

The complete results are as follows:

Victor Barajas (11)
2:48.43 Men 200 Free 16th 2.94

1:32.40 Men 100 Breast 13th 1.15

Veronica Cruz (09)
38.42 Women 50 Free 27th -6.15

1:28.76 Women 100 Free 18th

Katherine Garcia (12)
3:05.54 Women 200 Free 14th 6.98

1:48.38 Women 100 Fly 12th 4.76

36.08 200 Free Relay Lead Off -0.37

Maximilian Hanson (11)
2:50.32 Men 200 IM 7th -1.62

1:19.18 Men 100 Fly 9th 0.11

Rachel Lee Sang (09)
47.10 200 Medley Relay Lead Off

36.88 Women 50 Free 26th -0.67

1:51.49 Women 100 Back 12th

Darienne Parris (09)
40.41 Women 50 Free 29th -1.04

1:40.35 Women 100 Free 20th 1.11

Women 200 Medley Relay - 7th place
3:06.56 - Rachel Lee Sang, Veronica Cruz, Katherine Garcia, Darienne Parris

Women 200 Free Relay - 5th place
2:34.32 - Katherine Garcia, Darienne Parris, Veronica Cruz, Rachel Lee Sang

Past events leading up to Regionals:

We attended the Coastal Bend 5A and Private School TISCA Swim Meet on January 8th. This year the meet was even more attended than the previous year's meet with teams attending from as far away as Austin and Houston area. With the swimmers being out for Christmas break and only back in the water for a couple of days, they did a great job! Ashley Arteaga was able to attend her first meet and swam both the 50 and 100 free. The biggest time drop for the TISCA meet from our team was Katie Cortinas with a 2.86 seconds drop in her 50 free! Other swimmers that dropped time included Victor Barajas and Maximilian Hanson. We especially wish the thank Katherine Garcia for attending this meet immediately after her Senior Retreat which allowed our team to have two relays participate in the meet - both the 200 Medley and the 400 Free. Great job swimmers! Here are the Coastal Bend TISCA Results:

Coastal Bend TISCA Results:

Ashley Arteaga (15) W (09)
35.79Y Women 50 Free 36th - FIRST TIME EVENT!
1:20.51 400 Free Relay Lead off - FIRST TIME EVENT!

Victor Barajas M (11)
30.24Y Men 50 Free 40th -0.50 TIME DROP!
1:31.25 Men 100 Breast 34th -0.62 TIME DROP!

Katie Cortinas (14) W (09)
44.21Y Women 50 Free 39th -2.86 TIME DROP!

Katherine Garcia (17) W (12)
37.52Y Women 50 Free 37th 1.07
1:19.56 Women 100 Free 33rd 0.76

Maximilian Hanson (17) M (11)
2:28.64Y Men 200 Free 23rd 4.33
1.05.23 Men 100 Free 30th -1.85 TIME DROP!

Darienne Parris (14) W (09)
42.05Y Women 50 Free 38th 0.60

Women 200 Medley Relay:
2:57.92 - Katie Cortinas, Ashley Arteaga, Katherine Garcia and Darienne Parris

Women 400 Free Relay:
5:57.95 - Ashley Arteaga, Katie Cortinas, Darienne Parris, Katherine Garcia

The team then traveled to Manvel, Texas to participate in the Alvin ISD Invitational Swim Meet on January 16th. We had some really great swims at this meet. Our biggest time drops were from Maximilian Hanson with a 7.56 second drop in 100 fly and Katherine Garcia with 6.28 seconds in the 100 fly! Maximilian also dropped 5.88 seconds in the 100 back. Raychel Lee Sang swam the 100 back for the first time and did a respectable time of 1:44.03. All the swimmers swam as hard as they could in their respective events. The results for the swimmers are below:

Alvin ISD Invitational results:

Victor Barajas M (11)
2:46.09 Men 200 Free 32nd 0.60
1:13.69 Men 100 Free 49th 2.98

Katherine Garcia (17) W (12)
36.67 Women 50 Free 77th 0.22
1:43.62 Women 100 Fly 17th -6.28 TIME DROP!

Maximilian Hanson (17) M (11)
1:19.07 Men 100 Fly 22nd -7.56 TIME DROP!
1:21.42 Men 100 Back 31st -5.88 TIME DROP!

Rachel Lee Sang (15) W (09)
38.08 Women 50 Free 82nd 0.53
1:44.03 Women 100 Back FIRST TIME EVENT!

As we travel to our Region meet tomorrow, the four fastest 50 freestylers for the women's team will swim the 200 free relay. At this point, the fastest 50 fresstyle order for the team is listed below. However, this may change at the Region meet after the 50 freestyle is completed. Here is the fastest 50 freestyle so far this year for our female swimmers:

Women 50 Free
35.79 Ashley Arteaga
36.45 Katherine Garcia
37.55 Raychel Lee Sang
41.45 Darienne Parris
44.21 Katie Cortinas
44.57 Veronica Cruz