Centurion Swimmers Ready for CCISD after SA Battle for the Crown

The St. John Paul II Swim Team will head to Alice, TX this Friday for the CCISD Gobbler Games.

This follows a successful run in last weeks Battle for the Crown in San Antonio.

From Coach Duvall, regarding Battle of the Crown:

This was a very cold, windy, drizzly rain outdoor meet. The swimmers persevered and swam all their events. I am proud of the swimmers for not allowing the cold and rain to stop them from competing. The swimmers had to deal with trying to swim their best outdoors on a very cold windy rain. Imagine standing outside in a bathing suit in 58 degree weather with windy rainy conditions waiting for your race to start. The weather did warm up a bit to the mid to high 60's and one time the sun broke through the clouds bringing the temperature up to maybe 70-72 degrees. However, that did not last more than about twenty - thirty minutes before it clouded up again and the temperature dropped. During that sunny time, Coach Jackie was able to snap a group picture which is attached. I am proud of our swimmers for doing the best they could with the conditions we had. Even with our crazy conditions, we still had five best times, one swimmer competing in her first ever swim meet - Bella Goronova, and a new event for Sara Lee Sang. Our biggest drop was Vivian Lyle with a 9.54 seconds drop in her 100 fly and Joseph Norman with a 7.55 seconds drop in his 50 freestyle. Great job! In addition, Isabella Rutledge dropped time in her 100 freestyle, Victoria Verdin dropped time in her 50 freestyle and Vivian Lyle dropped time in her 200 IM! The Girls Medley relay (Maxwell, Parris, Lyle, Lee Sang) also dropped 2.94 seconds from their best time.

The complete results from Battle of the Crown are as follows:

Bella Goronova
53.17Y Women 50 Free First Time Event!
2:15.35Y Women 100 Free First Time Event!

Sarah Lee Sang
2:53.22Y Women 200 Free
1:33.39Y Women 100 Fly First Time Event!

Vivian Lyle
2:57.09Y Women 200 IM -0.14 second drop!
1:22.81Y Women 100 Fly -9.54 seconds drop!

Annisa Maxwell
35.51Y Women 50 Free
1:46.81Y Women 100 Back

Joseph Norman
1:16.25Y Men 50 Free -7.55 seconds drop!

Darienne Parris
1:22.57Y Women 100 Free
1:46.32Y Women 100 Breast

Isabella Rutledge
42.70Y Women 50 Free
1:39.50Y Women 100 Free -1.78 seconds drop!

Victoria Verdin
43.67Y Women 50 Free -1.13 seconds drop!
1:47.76Y Women 100 Free

Event # 1 Women 200 Medley
2:36.06Y F St. John Paul High II
Annisa Maxwell (10) Darienne Parris (11) Vivian Lyle (11) Sarah Lee Sang (10)

Event # 17 Women 200 Free
2:15.01Y F St. John Paul High II CC
Vivian Lyle (11) Darienne Parris (11) Annisa Maxwell (10) Sarah Lee Sang (10)

The Girls 200 Free Relay (Lyle, Parris, Maxwell, Lee Sang) are working to get closer and hopefully break the 2010 school record of 2:11.61 in the 200 Free Relay (Salas, Arellano, Sanchez, Moreland). This week the relay went a tad slower than their best time of 2:13.22, but with the conditions as they were, we hope that next weekend will bring the time even closer to the school record. The 2012 school record of 2:20.88 in the 200 Medley Relay is a little further away.

We look forward to this Friday's swim meet in Alice -The City of Alice Gobbler Games! Thanks for all you do for our swimmers!
-Coach Annette