Centurion Swimming Shines in Big School Pool

The First Annual Alice Sprint meet is now history! Coach Duvall had a total of six swimmers attend the meet and for four swimmers, this was their very first swim meet! the swimmers were competing against swimmers from Veterans Memorial, Carroll, Ray, Alice, Gregory Portland, Flour Bluff, Moody, Miller, and Victoria. "I am extremely proud of all of our swimmers!", Coach Duvall noted, "Thanks to Ms. Campos for volunteering as a timer for the meet. We have to have timers for the swimmers. We appreciate you agreeing to time for the swimmers! In addition, thanks to Mr. Merrifield for donating drinks and breakfast for the swimmers. They really enjoyed everything!"


Coach Duvall sees a lot of potential for the future, "These times are extremely close. I know that the top four swimmers will vary as the swimmers work hard and their times drop. I am looking forward to our next meet!"

Here are the results of Saturday's meet:

Victor Ivan Barajas - Senior

1:22.13 Men's 100 Individual Medley 15th place - Brand new event!
:30.17 Men's 50 Free 19th place - Best time!

Maximilian Kimmel - Freshman - First Swim Meet

:17.74 Men's 25 Free 17th place
:47.59 Men's 50 Breast 24th place

Anissa Maxwell - Freshman - First Swim Meet

:17.66 Women's 25 Free 17th place
:41.87 Women's 50 Free 42nd place

Vivian Merrifield - Sophomore - First Swim Meet

:17.73 Women's 25 Free 18th place
:40.23 Women's 50 Free 38th place

Rachel Lee Sang - Sophomore

1:37.83 Women's 100 Individual Medley - Brand new event!
:16.22 Women's 25 Free - a little more than a half a second from the school record. She swam faster than the record in the relay, so she knows she will be able to break the record soon!

Brittany Tanner - Junior - First Swim Meet

:18.74 Women's 25 Free 20th place
:42.36 Women's 50 Free 43rd place
:41.65 Lead Off Swimmer in 50 Free - Beat her time in the individual event earlier in the day!

Women's 100 Free Relay - Tanner, Maxwell, Merrifield, Lee Sang
1:08.89 10th place

Women's 200 Free Relay - Tanner, Maxwell, Merrifield, Lee Sang
2:37.44 9th place

Current top 50 freestyle times for girls (top four swim in the 200 free relay)
36.88 Rachel Lee Sang
38.42 Veronica Cruz
40.23 Vivian Merrifield
40.41 Darienne Parris
41.65 Brittany Tanner
41.87 Anissa Maxwell