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What it means to be a Centurion Athlete

The St. John Paul II High School Athletic Department endeavors to represent the well-rounded soul of an athlete. As a whole, the goal of the Centurion Athletic Department is to represent the athlete that strives to overachieve. We, as Centurions, are driven to inspire the world in a consistent manner.

We ARE NOT to "fit in" and follow.
We ARE to be "different" and lead.

Centurion Athletes are to represent anyone who has felt underestimated, under-appreciated, or as the underdog.

Centurion Athletes are grateful to those who have persevered and paved the way for others, and grateful to those who have persevered by continuing on the path which was forcefully paved.

Saint John Paul II inspires us to learn from our decisions, good and bad, to help us gratefully take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Centurion Athletes inspire those around them to overcome. We overcome, not by challenging others but by challenging ourselves. We overcome, not only with hope but with EFFORT. Not only do we overcome, we “overachieve”

Over-achieve (v.) to perform better or achieve a greater degree of success than expected

Centurion (n.) the backbone of the Roman army. The centurions were veteran soldiers who commanded 100 men

Growing up by the SEA
S - Spiritually
E - Educationally
A - Athletically

How to become a Centurion Athlete

High School Level athletes must print, complete and submit the Health History and Physician Examination forms (linked below) to participate in team sports. All forms must be turned in at registration.

(Medical History
Physical Examination
Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury)

Steroid Parent-Student Notification

Return to Play Protocol

Athletic Travel Permission Form

Acknowledgement of Rules

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) provides important health and safety information for athletes — including:
Heat Related Illness
and much more. We encourage all student athletes and parents to review this information.

Please click TAPPS Athlete Education Materials to learn more.